The Great Outdoors!

Silkeborg has a beautiful river that runs through the city and beautiful trees that surround it as well. Because we come from Fort Worth, a city with a lot to do and see, but not much nature to enjoy, Silkeborg is a lovely change. I think we even brought the sunshine with us! The sun... Continue Reading →

Exploring Silkeborg

It was 30 degrees outside but we put on our warm jackets and started walking down the road to explore. We decided to go to the school where we will be working so that would not get lost on our first day of school. It was also a brilliant way to explore because the school... Continue Reading →

Believe It or Not, We MADE It!

We left around 2:15 PM from Dallas Fort Worth airport and got to our Bed and Breakfast in Silkeborg around 1:30 PM (6:30am Texas Time). We were picked up at the airport by a sweet couple, Alice and her husband Claus. On our way to the house, we were able to see part of downtown... Continue Reading →

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